Water Filtration 101: How Long Do I Run My New Water Filter?

According to a study by the Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group in the Netherlands, for every litre of water you drink, you could be consuming up to 10 pieces of microplastic.

You could buy bottled water, but even bottled water is not safe. Yet another investigation found that a certain popular brand of bottled water contained a whopping 10,390 particles of microplastic per litre.

Shocking facts like these, have led many people to look at their water filtration options when it comes to their home or office.


A few different water filters are available to your average South African. These are some of the most commonly found ones. 


Filter jugs are the simplest form of water filtration, they usually have a carbon filter in them that improves the flavour and smell of the water by removing contaminants. These filter types are affordable and fit easily inside your fridge. You do however have to keep refilling the jug.


This is a self-explanatory one; under-sink or under-counter water filters are installed underneath your sink and attached straight to your main water supply. These dispensers are discreet and out of sight.  Our Flow 105 or ViTap are examples of under-counter systems.


Another self-explanatory one; on-counter or countertop filters sit on top of the counter and are connected directly to your tap. With a simple pull of the tap, levers provide you a choice of chilled still or sparkling water.


The most common old-school free-standing filtration one is used to is the 25l plastic container that sits on top of a water dispenser. Times have now changed and left people wondering how long their drinking water has been sitting in these plastic containers for. The downfall of this type of system is you still need to phone in your water order, someone needs to drive to you and bring you your pre-packaged water.  

Our Flow 101 is the new age of free-standing water dispensing. These systems connect directly to your main water feed, and filter and then dispense polished still and sparking water on demand. Eliminating the need for transportation and storage.



Now that you have chosen the best water filtration system for your needs, you want to start using it. Right? 

Well, unfortunately, you can’t always just jump right in and start guzzling from the tap. 

Due to the lower volume of water, filter jugs filter almost immediately, pouring out a litre of filtered water in about a minute. 

Some under-counter units might take slightly longer than others to be ready to drink. For under-sink units that use reverse osmosis, the rule of thumb is that you fill and empty the holding tank at least once. The time that this will take will vary according to your filter. 

With regards to all our Topia dispensers, we have a Topia technician come out and visit you on-site once a year, during this visit they will change your filter for you. After a filter change, they will flush 3-5 litres through the filter to activate it and get rid of any loose particles as well as air. This is a very quick process which also can be done by yourself if need be. Once this water has been flushed the system is ready to be used again.



In a place where water is such a valuable, scarce commodity, we have to do our best to make the most of what we’ve got. A water filtration system gives you the best opportunity to savour each drop and not let any go to waste. 

There are so many options for water filters and water dispensers; we want to make your life just that much easier by taking the hassle out of them. 

Have a look at our range of water supply accessories to suit your needs. 

Dive in! The water is great!


The Topia Team

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