How Does an Under-the-Counter Filtration System Work?

There’s nothing like the taste of cool, refreshing water to quench our thirst. However, water from the faucet often has contaminants, chemicals, and sediment we don’t want to infiltrate our bodies. 

While purchasing bottled water may seem like a good idea, it has many drawbacks. For starters, bottled water contributes to our global pollution problem. Additionally, plastic water bottles become expensive when purchased daily. 

This is what makes an under-the-counter water filtration system a necessity for any office. We can instantly transform water from the tap into polished drinking water free from odours and impurities. 

To learn the ways water on demand benefits our daily lives, keep reading. We’ll discuss how water filtration systems work, and why every office needs one. 


Water filtration systems boast countless benefits. Specifically, under-the-counter filtration systems. These systems free up valuable floor space.

Another benefit of water on demand is the quality of water we’re putting into our bodies. Tap water often harbours contaminants that can make us sick. All water treatment facilities add chlorine to kill harmful bacteria. This leaves us with drinking water that smells and tastes like chemicals. 

Filtration systems allow us to remove bacteria and added chemicals from our drinking water. However, they can do so without eliminating essential minerals found in our water.

Some of these toxins include lead, cadmium, and mercury, to name a few. As heavy metals accrue in our bodies, they can lead to a myriad of health issues. They can disrupt vital organs and displace the minerals we need within our body. 

To remove toxins before they even enter our bodies, be sure to install an under-the-counter water filtration system. This will help to remove harmful chemicals before we consume them.


Even though water treatment facilities work to clean our water, some offices have borehole water. As a result, we’re left with water that is high in dangerous nitrates. 

Other risk factors for water contamination include close proximity to chemical plants. Known carcinogens such as chromium-6 also leech into our water, posing serious health problems. 

Asbestos is another carcinogen that can infiltrate our drinking water. To remove these toxic substances, a water-filtration system is our best defence. 


Ease of installation is another benefit under-the-counter water filtration systems bring to our office. They’re also low-maintenance and have easy-to-replace filters, making upkeep a breeze. 

Our wide array of systems available gives us the opportunity to select exactly what we need for our office. We can choose a model that is best suited to each client’s needs.

Certain filters can remove heavy metals, arsenic, and sediment from our water.

It’s best to choose a filter that removes as many impurities as possible, to have the healthiest water available to us without taking out the much-needed minerals our bodies need.


Since water is a solvent, it absorbs dirt and toxins as it makes its way to a treatment facility and then to our office. The chemicals and contaminants that the water absorbs cause our drinking water to have an unfavourable taste and smell. When we think about what we’re drinking from the tap, it necessitates the need to intervene. 

This is where an under-the-counter water filtration system comes into play. This cleverly installed filtration system is able to polish the water we drink, negating the need for plastic water bottles. 

As our water is polished and filtered, we’re left with crisp, clean drinking water free from harmful toxins. This water is not only healthier but tastes better. Any odours, contaminants, and hard-water sediments are removed, leaving only chilled, refreshing water to fill our glasses. 

One of the most obvious smells removed is chlorine. This odour is particularly off-putting, but an under-the-counter water filter system removes almost all traces of it. 

Under-the-counter water filtration systems take water from your municipal source, filter and then chill it.

Under-the-counter water filtration systems come with activated carbon filtration.

Since a water filtration system is installed under the counter, we save coveted floor and counter space. This type of filtration system is always under constant pressure, so you have filtered water on demand. 

Under-the-counter water filtration systems clean our water and provide us with peace of mind every time we reach for a drink. Be sure to install a water filtration system in order to benefit from all these systems have to offer. 


Once we understand the countless benefits of an under-the-counter water filtration system, purchasing one becomes the clear choice. Instead of spending money on water bottles that only add to plastic waste and pollution, why not invest in a water filtration system? We’ll have access to clean, refreshing drinking water on demand.

Filtration systems are perfect for use at home or at the office. They rid our water of toxic chemicals as well as common pollutants. A water filtration system is an affordable way of improving the water we drink and helping to maintain good health all year long. 

For more information on a water filtration system for your office, contact Topia today. A member of our dedicated staff is waiting to help you with all your water filtration needs, so you can access filtered water on demand, any time, any place.


The Topia Team

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