Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated

Dear Partners,

We hope you’re managing to navigate the turbulent waters of this strange new world we call ‘post Covid-19’. We realise that many of you are facing a sea of safety challenges on your respective journeys to reopening and so we wanted to provide a refreshing reminder of how we’re doing all we can to prioritise your safety, as well as that of your water.  

Previous mails have already explained how we’ve enhanced our internal hygiene protocols & safety measures. I’d like to add to this by saying that with our water optimisation systems you get full peace of mind by knowing exactly where your water is coming from because we are the exclusive distributor of VIVREAU products and can account for every unit’s exact path to market. Unlike pre-packaged bottled water which must pass through many unidentifiable touch points and travel long distances from factory floor to destination. Furthermore, once our systems have been installed, you have full control over sanitation and safety of your water you serve your guests and customers.  

And while we’re talking about our own safety, let’s not forget about the safety of our environment. Research shows that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 unless dramatic changes are made. Cutting back on single use bottles by switching to an on-site water optimisation solution is the easiest way to turn the tide on plastic and preserve our planet. 

Enjoy full control over your water, whilst supporting the safety of our environment. 

Wishing you all the best during these precedented times.

Stay safe, stay hydrated


The Topia Team

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