How does a Hot Water Dispenser Work?

Amid the familiar mid-afternoon office lull, the hot water dispenser stands out as a beacon of efficiency, eliminating the tedious wait for a kettle to boil in a cramped kitchen. As everyone yearns for that revitalising cup of tea or coffee, envision a scene where boiling water is available straight from the tap, without delay. While hot-and-cold water bottles or coolers might come to mind, they can often fall short in practicality and ease. Discover the mechanics and merits of the built-in hot water dispenser and understand why it’s the paramount choice for modern offices.


Water coolers that can dispense hot water are often referred to as hot and cold water dispensers. An instant hot water dispenser like the Topia Tap 305 releases chilled, sparkling, and hot water at the touch of a button in homes or offices. But how does a hot water dispenser work exactly?

It all starts with a thermally insulated tank. Water is moved from the filter into the tank and kept warm using an in-built heater. We refer to this tank as the boiler.

With a push of a button, you have instant hot water in your cup or bottle. The system responds by filling cool water into the tank from the filter, then pumping the hot water from the boiler to the tap.

Are you wondering how to heat water with this kind of system? Typically, the tank water is heated to a temperature somewhere just below boiling point. That means when you press the hot water button–it’s always just below boiling point.



Our Topia Tap 404 makes access to boiling water cleaner and more efficient. Use a dispenser in office kitchens, conference rooms, bars and restaurants, and banquet halls.


  • Dispenses Water Instantly

As we touched on in the opening of this article, there’s no waiting around when using a hot water dispenser. Press a button and you have instant boiling water.


An electric kettle takes on average 2.5 minutes to boil. That might not seem like much, but imagine if you have a workplace with 100 staff using the kettle multiple times a day. Over a week or a year, that adds up to a lot of lost time!


  • Energy Efficient

Hot water dispensers use a lot less energy than a kettle, too. Whether you like warm water or hot, you can be sure that the tap system will deliver it to you more efficiently and, therefore, cheaper and more eco-friendly than other methods.


  • Safe

With a hot water dispenser that is integrated into your counter, you can save the office first aid kit for another emergency. There’s no danger of boiling water spilling over someone’s hands and burning them. That’s because manufacturers fit these systems with a hot tap safety lock.

To understand more about the benefits of our Topia Tap range, visit our Topia website or give us a call. We’ll walk you through the benefits of our Topia Tap 404 and 405 systems to help you decide the best option for your office.


Hot and cold water dispensers have revolutionised the way we consume water in offices and homes. Providing both boiling and chilled water in an instant, they’ve become synonymous with convenience and efficiency.


Curious about how the Topia Tap range can redefine your water consumption experience? From the Topia Tap 404 to the 405, each system is designed with precision and user convenience in mind. Dive into the world of Topia and discover a range that promises efficiency, safety, and unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re outfitting a new office or revamping an old one, the Topia Tap range promises to be a worthy addition


The Topia Team

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