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Going Plastic Free in July and Beyond.

Dear Partners,

Plastic Free July is a global movement aimed at providing practical tools and advice to millions of people around the world to be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

So, why are we moving away from single-use plastics and ultimately eradicating them entirely? The answer is quite simple:
For the environment, cleaner streets, oceans and communities. Choosing to say no to plastics is a small but meaningful step.

Topia is eco-efficient, and empowering. We are committed to protecting the planet and empowering those around us to do the same. Our entire team made a pledge to banish single-use plastic straws – a small sacrifice, for the greater good. Making a small change such as this will help you adjust your mindset, and start eliminating other single-use plastics, not just during the month of July, but far beyond.

The top four single-use plastics contributing towards the plastic pandemic are:

• Plastic bags,
• water bottles,
• takeaway coffee cups,
• and plastic straws.

Developing a commitment to living a plastic-free lifestyle both at work and at home starts with small steps. We encourage and salute you along this journey.

Stay safe, stay hydrated.



The Topia Team

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