In the Business of People

We’re often asked the important question of ‘What makes Topia different from other hydration brands and businesses?’. 

First and foremost, we’re not in the hydration business, we’re in the business of people. We believe that every good conversation starts with listening. We believe that if we can listen to people, we can understand what they need, before they’ve even asked for it. 

We value our relationships and forming strong, long lasting partnerships with equally responsible brands. The environment is at the core of our agenda. We do everything with the environment in mind and the effect our actions have on this earth. We want to leave it in a better way then we found it in. We take responsibility for our actions and stand for positive change. 

 We don’t believe in set processes and one-size-fits-all solutions, we are constantly evolving and growing, as we are learning. 

 In short, it’s our ‘flow’ that truly sets us apart. After all, running water never goes stagnant.

 Stay safe, stay hydrated.


The Topia Team

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