Used for a moment. Left behind for several hundred years.

Used for a moment. Left behind for several hundred years.

Hello Partner,

Did you know humans create 430 million tons of plastic each year? And by many accounts, at least two-thirds are for short-term uses (like single-use plastic bottles). With single-use plastic waste reaching unprecedented levels, part of our mission is to help our partners eliminate waste associated with plastic and pre-bottled waters. That’s the Topia Difference.

Our partners can see the Topia Difference in every part of their hydration journey.

Connecting: By connecting Topia dispensers directly to your water source, you can leverage the innovative edge of our full range of filters to get polished water.

Dispensing: Our range of sleek, beautifully designed dispensers are equally at home on a bar countertop or welcome lobby, ready to serve chilled, still or sparkling water.

Bottling: Topia’s glass and stainless steel bottle range offers partners and their guests an elegant hydration solution that complements their dining experience.

Eliminating: No more plastic bottles eliminate the need for added storage space for pallets and crates of plastic bottles. It also eliminates the need to keep these bottles chilled as our dispensers chill water on demand.

Reusing: Topia’s bottle range lets you keep reusing them again and again. Good for business – and the environment.

Down Under Water. Multiple government and civic bodies joined forces for Australia’s National Water Week and Water Night to build awareness around the value of water and included a panel discussion imagining Australia’s water security in 2050.

Iconic Investment. The Australian Government also announced its $6.4 million investment in 3 new water quality projects to safeguard the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Great to see more and more international governments take a long-term view on protecting our planet’s most precious resource.

Lower Levels. The Colorado River has been shrinking in its supply over the last few years, but recent data paints a positive picture. It would seem that surrounding cities, farms and Native tribes are simply using less water, with levels off the back of a wet winter at a ”sustainable level”.

Keeping you hydrated,


The Topia Team


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