Celebrating World Water Day 2022.

Dear Partners,

Topia is celebrating World Water Day 2022 with a new Product!

March is World Water Day, an annual UN Observance which focuses on the importance of fresh water and the billions of people living without it.

This year the #WorldWaterDay2022 theme is around the importance of groundwater. While groundwater is largely invisible, it is pivotal in the supply of fresh drinking water. Pollution and climate change directly impact the supply and feasibility of groundwater to the world, as such, sustainability efforts are no longer needed but demanded to protect it.

In honour of this as well as an effort to further reduce plastic waste pollution, Topia has launched a brand-new glass bottle, dubbed the Topia Classic Twist.

The Classic Twist shouts premium with its sleek design and functionality. The reusable aluminum lid opens easily and is ideal for your restaurant or Hotel. Dishwasher safe, the design celebrates sustainability and functionality at its core.

To order the premium Classic Twist bottle, get in touch with our team at hello@topiawater.com.

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who joined our annual beach clean-up earlier this month. The Topia team met at Lagoon Beach to walk the sustainability talk by picking up plastic waste all along the beach and lagoon mouth. The team managed to collect 9 black bin bags filled with litter which was then sent to recycling.

Topia believes in action and looks forward to walking the sustainability journey with you.

Topia Water, elevate hydration.


The Topia Team

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