Caring for the planet, as well as our people

Dear Partners,

We all make important decisions daily. These decisions have a ripple effect, and influence how great, or how small our influence is on the environment. Essentially, we have the power to impact and guide better decision-making.

As a company that is centered around being in the ‘business of people’ we are constantly moving, and flowing with those who we serve, making a stand and swaying you towards sustainable solutions. The more you adopt these eco-efficient best practices, the more those around you will.

Here are three ways we optimise our customer experience and continue to build and empower our community.

We understand you – knowing what you want, allows us to improve the products and services we offer. We get you, engage with you and educate you.

We provide quality service – our 98% customer retention speaks to this stat. We want to provide you with a level of excellence that you want to speak about. This broadens our reach and grows our community organically.

Connect with our customers – when there is a connection with a brand and values are shared, there is an automatic increase in communication.

Our relationship with you, our partners is bigger than the sum of its’ parts. We are working towards the same cause and together we’re able to make better environmental decisions.

Stay safe, stay hydrated.


The Topia Team

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