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Topia on the move.

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Happy New Year to you and your team. May 2024 be a successful, hydrated one.

The Topia Water team is back and ready to Keep it Flowing, ensuring that we continue to be the leader in on-site bottling systems and designer reusable glass bottles.

We all know that plastic, pre-bottled water is not good for the planet. It’s estimated that over 10 million tons of plastic gets dumped into our oceans annually. But it’s not just landfills, oceans and rivers, and natural landscapes impacted by plastic waste…

New research from a peer-reviewed study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has said that a typical 1l bottle of water contains some 240’ 000 plastic fragments on average – 100 times more plastic particles than previously estimated.

Previously scientists only measured the amount of microplastics – that is pieces between 1 and 5’000 micrometres. But in this new study nanoplastics – particles under 1 micrometre in length – were found in abundance – as much as 90% of the plastics found in the 1l bottles of water were nanoplastics.

But why the big fuss over something so small?

Well, nanoplastics pose a greater health threat due to their size. Because they’re so small they can penetrate human cells, enter the bloodstream, and impact our organs. Even simply opening and closing the cap on a plastic water bottle can release tiny bits of micro and nanoplastics into the water you drink.

Topia on the move.

This year, we were once again a sponsor of the MEA Future Leaders Challenge in Dubai. The FLC’s mission is to empower, elevate and educate the future leaders and talent in the hospitality and tourism industries in the MEA region. With a major focus on collaboration, quality education, talent development and human capital, we’re proud to align with the Future Leaders Challenge to identify and nurture the next generation of hospitality and tourism superstars.

Floating Water. We love innovation and we love cool gadgets. That’s why we kept an eye on all the GreenTech & sustainability exhibitors at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024). Genesis Systems showcased their WaterCube – an air-con-sized device that pumps water from the air.

Water Resilience. The EU Green Week 2024 is set to take place in Brussels on 29 & 30 May this year. Taking centre stage this year is the importance of water resilience in the EU, not just for today, but for future generations.

High Tech Water. Earth05, a nonprofit from Barcelona will use AI to help discover solutions to help combat the threatening global water challenges. Some of the solutions include using AI to analyze water systems from consumption to availability via climate predictions, as well as optimising the delivery systems by detecting leakages, and optimal agricultural usage.


The Topia Team

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