Why the Topia Tap 405 is the Most Eco Friendly Water Dispenser on the Market

Every time you buy a bottle of water you waste money and harm the environment. Water bottles or plastic water bottle dispensers are outdated and harmful.  

Consider the eco-friendly vivreau vitap 305 for your kitchen, office, or conference space. Not only does it shout premium it’s made with environmental and human safety in mind. 

Take some time to learn about why this dispenser is the way of the future and how it can help our environment. Below are several different aspects of the eco-friendly vivreau vitap 305.


The Topia Tap 405 reduces the amount of plastic your business will use. As of 2015, the world has accumulated 6.9 billion tons of plastic and 79% of that plastic ended up in landfills. 

With only fractions of our plastic being recycled, we need to have non-plastic solutions for common plastic problems. According to National Geographic, “Around the world, nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute.”

Reduce the number of plastic water bottles sold by installing a Topia Tap 405 which has multiple dispense options. You can dispense chilled still and sparkling water as well as hot water for tea. Users can skip trips to gas stations, saving people time and money.


Emissions from shipping are projected to increase by 120% by 2050. Energy used when bottling and shipping plastic water bottles increases the number of carbon emissions.

Using the Topia Tap 405 will decrease carbon emissions making it an eco-friendly alternative. We can cut down the carbon dioxide reaching the atmosphere by reducing shipments.

The Topia Tap 405 provides great-tasting water without having to wait around for shipments. Reducing the number of shipments is great for the environment and will save you money.


If you want to adopt an eco-friendly mindset you must consider the environment as well as human safety. True eco-friendly products are developed with both environmental and human safety in mind. 

The Topia Tap 405 is eco-friendly because of how it reduces emissions and plastic use, but also because it is safer for humans. This water dispenser is a more sanitary way of consuming water. 

The water comes straight from the source. Never being in human hands reduces the chances of human contamination. There is also a removable nozzle, making it a more hygienic option. 

Reducing the need to drink from a plastic dispenser. You never truly know how long the water sits in plastic dispensers before being delivered.


Having the Topia Tap 405 in your office or conferences invite people to bring their own reusable water bottles. Having an option for reusable water bottles helps spread an eco-friendly mindset among people. 

With the option to custom print your bottles, it is a great opportunity for company branding and shows people you consider the environment.


Eliminate single-use plastic water bottles for your own good. When you switch to the eco-friendly vivreau vitap 305 you are elevating your water-drinking experience while keeping the environment top of mind.

By switching to this dispenser you reduce plastic pollution and carbon emissions as well as save money and consume higher quality Topia Water

The Topia Tap 405 has shown to be the best water dispenser on the market and we’ve given only a few reasons why. Find out more information about the Topia Tap 405 here.


The Topia Team

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