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Cutting Down on Your Monthly Costs

Tough times call for tough measures.

As everyone’s purse strings tighten in the wake of the pandemic, here’s a refreshing reminder that the simplest & smartest way to cut down on monthly operational costs (without the heartbreak and hassle of cutting staff) is to make the switch from bulky pre-packaged bottled water to using one of our sleek smart water optimisation systems.

This simple transition will save you on monthly:

– storage costs (whilst freeing up valuable office space)

– electricity consumption (reducing refrigeration needs means saving more energy)

– logistical costs & planning time (eliminate the need to transport bottles long distances)

– and position your brand as sustainable & aligned with the needs of the modern-day consumer

Most notably, switching to one of our water optimisation systems only requires a quick once-off installation. As agents of change, we take pride in conserving our planet’s natural resources by reducing plastic usage whilst simultaneously elevating our partner’s hydration needs.

Clean, polished water shouldn’t cost the earth or your business. So get in touch with our world-class sales team about how you can go about finding the best water optimisation system to fit your business’ hydration needs as well as budget and start saving with every sip of our freshly-filtered water.

Stay safe, stay hydrated.


The Topia Team

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